An overnight success, 10 years in the making ....

“An overnight success is ten years in the making.”   ― Tom Clancy, Dead or Alive ---- I haven't written a long form blog post in a while. So I thought I'd post an update here on what I've been working on during my absence. Hope you enjoy the read! I picked this title for a good reason too. Sometimes, for the casual onlooker, an innovation might seem like magic, or worse, trivial. As an engineer, my first response to such onlookers would be... "if that's the case, try to do it yourself... overnight!". A more useful response would be to get them to read my previous post about The Old Engineer and the Hammer .  ---- The focus of this post is an API Orchestrator I built a couple of years ago (that's 2018, in case you are reading this from a far future date, from a colony in Mars).  We initially started calling it the Service Domain Manager. However, we eventually decided Cloud Domain Manager describes the specific area of the business it belongs to, better th