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Installing CDAX on Linux

The text below applies for the CDAX version 5.4 (and will apply for past and future versions if the issues are not solved). First and foremost, for the moron who developed the installer and hosted it at the site ... Thanks for nothing !!! . Go and; a. Read the installer creator's manual before writing installers with it. b. Learn Linux before pretending you know how to write installers for it. For the rest of you guys here's how to clean up this mess and set up the CDAX software on your preferred Linux distro. After downloading the .bin file and giving it execute permissions, don't even think about running it again and again. It's a bloody waste of time. Just go to step 1 below. Before going to step 1 , let's dissect what this guy has done. After running the installer and it dying out, there will be 2 log files generated in the same directory. These are named 'errors.log' and 'jinstall.log'. The most important information can be foun