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My pet IoT project :)

What? I have a few pet coding projects in Github. I usually maintain them as private repositories. The reason I keep them private is because they are Proof of Concept type work (and are also skunk-work).

One such project I started a few months back was an IoT prototype. What I wanted to develop was an application that qualifies as an IoT use case and structure it in such a way that the architecture, design, development, deployment and continuous delivery is laid out as a pattern.

During the course of development, I found out about a few cloud based technologies such as Pubnub ( and Google's Firebase (

The text below is directly from the README of my project at 

I'm making this project public from today, and hope this helps someone else to get started!

Control 'Things' from the Internet This is a Proof of Concept application I maintain to fine tune a…