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Take back your search history from Google

You may have already noticed that if you are using a Google product like GMail, the next time you use Google Search you are 'logged in' to search as well. This means that your search queries are attached now with your Google user name. This fact is clearly described in Google's Privacy FAQ for Search History as follows; "In order to provide the service, Search History saves information about your activity on Google including your search queries, the results you click on, and the date and time of your searches. Over time, the service may use additional information about your activity on Google or other information you provide us in order to deliver a better search experience." Now, if you are like me, you will look upon this as a violation of your on line privacy. I do not recall signing up for such a 'service' and a clear procedure to get rid of this 'feature' is not indicated by Google. So I did some research and figured out a few things my self.

The business value of SOA

A very informative talk by Anne Thomas Manes , highlighting some key user queries such as; - What is SOA? - What SOA is not? - Where exactly are we as far as adoption is concerned? - How to go about implementing SOA and some realistic time lines I particularly liked how she de-hyped ESBs as a key part of a SOA implementation. I always felt that an ESB should be an enabler at the most but never a key to SOA. It's good to know my thoughts were not misguided :)