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Tracking down causes of exceptions in Eclipse

NOTE: I found this in a Blog somewhere.. Thanks and due credits to the author, who ever he/she is :)


If you like me is getting tired of seeing "Unhandled event loop exception, Reason: someexception" and no stacktrace in Eclipse then try the following:

Create a file e.g. .eclipseoptions with the following contents:

# Turn on debugging for the org.eclipse.ui plugin.
# Show a dialog with details button when an internal error occur.
# Print exception stacktrace to console

and then run eclipse with -debug .eclipseoptions and you will get the full stacktrace
as normal in the log but also on the console (clickable) and in a dialog when the exception occurs - no need to go looking in the log what just happend.

p.s. try to include the following too:

# Enable heap status monitoring

Gives you a nice hint a…
FOSSSL Codefest
Well the codefest is in progress as part of our FOSS Week. Although I was involved in organizing, didn't take part in the actual event, since I couldn't see how I cn contribute ... being a Java guy :(