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Google+... First Impressions

So I'm on Google+, the latest social addition to the set of Google products. The immediate impression is that it is a Facebook clone. However, once I started using the set of features available (at this time of invitation only beta), I noticed a few improvements over Facebook. This is in addition to the look and feel of the site, which I think is far better than Facebook ever achieved (almost surely powered by GWT). Here's a list of stuff I've been playing with so far ... Circles: What you add your Google+ buddies to. Right from the start you get to segment your connections and be in control of what you share and with whom you share. This one has a nice UI, as opposed to facebook who added this as an afterthought (by the time they added it I had too many facebbook friends, I couldn't be bothered going through each and every one to make lists.. FAIL!). Stream: Stream is similar to your facebook feed. But it's coupled with Circles, which makes filtering