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Work-In-Play Limits in Agile Software Development

Work-In-Play Limits in Agile Software Development | All About Agile
So let’s say you set a WIP limit that no more than 3 features can be in play at any one time. You have 3 slots on the board for development, and 3 slots for testing. What happens when the testing slots are all full and the developers have capacity to do more?
If they think the tester will be done before they complete the 4th feature, they can safely start it. But what if they think they can complete the 4th feature before the tester is done? What should they do? Should they sit idle?

Google+... First Impressions

So I'm on Google+, the latest social addition to the set of Google products. The immediate impression is that it is a Facebook clone.

However, once I started using the set of features available (at this time of invitation only beta), I noticed a few improvements over Facebook. This is in addition to the look and feel of the site, which I think is far better than Facebook ever achieved (almost surely powered by GWT). Here's a list of stuff I've been playing with so far ...

Circles: What you add your Google+ buddies to. Right from the start you get to segment your connections and be in control of what you share and with whom you share. This one has a nice UI, as opposed to facebook who added this as an afterthought (by the time they added it I had too many facebbook friends, I couldn't be bothered going through each and every one to make lists.. FAIL!).