Saturday, May 03, 2008

This Week @ WSO2

Apache Axis2 - A Practical Guide to Creating Quality Web Services

Written by Deepal Jayasinghe hits Amazon Pre-order

WSO2 Listed in Gartner's
Vendors in Web Technology' Report

"Perhaps the most interesting of WS02's offerings is the recently released Mashup Server, which
enables lightweight programs to be built in server-side JavaScript that can consume Web
services and be deployed as server-side mashups or, alternatively (via WSO2 Ajax XPI), as
client-side code."

WSO2 Data Services Solution Alpha Released

"Data Services are about providing a convenient mechanism for providing a service interface to data stored in a relational database, Microsoft Excel files, CSV files or JNDI data sources."

Key features include; Username token security integration, WSO2 Registry based configuration apart from Complete data services support. The solution one of the first from WSO2 to be powered by Carbon, the OSGi powered Axis2 platform.

WSO2 WSAS - Data Services Wins Gold at SearchSOA Products of the Year 2007's annual search for the best SOA and Web services products awarded the gold to WSO2's WSAS Data Services and listed it as the category leader in Data services/integration.

A pretty exciting week. I have been busy with an interesting experiment myself and will write about it during the coming days.