Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SOA Platfroms and the Presentation Dilemma

SOA Platform Blog: The Presentation Aspects in a SOA Platfrom
There are tons of portal solutions out there, but how many of those can point to a service and be able to use the service interface to come up with a possible presentation of it?

In this latest post to the SOA Platform Blog, Samisa raises a few valid, timely concerns regarding the presentation aspects of a SOA. This is an ongoing debate within the SOA community in general as highlighted in my recent post Mashups, Portals and the Future Enterprise. Most platforms today have addressed the issues of service creation, connection (mediation), composition and governance. However, for an average enterprise user, what matters most is the presentation and there aren't many products out there, which addresses the issue in a SOA specific manner. Legacy portals still remain the only option apart from asking IT to build something for you from scratch.

It would be nice to have a technology where users will not only have the ability to view a portal/dashboard interface, but be able to point to a service to add a visual presentation of it to this view as well.