Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Make Conan's Mistake

Don't Make Conan's Mistake - The Conversation - Harvard Business Review
So what's in your best interest? How can you avoid making Conan's mistake?

Stay in your role because you are gaining experiences that will help you achieve your long-term career objectives, or because you think it is the job you can get at the moment, or because it's fun — but you don't stay in your job because of some potential future rewards that may or may not materialize.

No organization can make reasonable promises of future placement — you're setting yourself up for disappointment trusting an organization to honor that agreement. In fact, that's essentially today's career deal.

I've had a similar discussion recently during a gathering of friends and those who were there might remember my stance being exactly this. If I have anything more to add to this great post in HBR, it would be that; every time you think about someone else's dream, you take time away from thinking about yours. So allocate time carefully.

Always think about your dream and consider everything that surround you, including your employer, your peers and the cards life has dealt you in general as tools to realize this dream. Trust me, you will be a very satisfied individual no matter what the present situation is, if you do so.