HBR :: Microsoft and Yahoo: Too Little, Too Late, Too Hyped

Microsoft and Yahoo: Too Little, Too Late, Too Hyped - Now, New, Next - HarvardBusiness.org
So what is the new couple to do? First, admit that neither of them has all the answers. Second, look outside for best thinking on how to manage their new relationship (even if this means Microsoft learning from IBM, which needed a near-death experience to bring it to its senses in the 1990s). Finally, remember that for 1 plus 1 to equal 3, the partners must first act as 1 — any daylight between them will be room enough for Google's wedge.

Shareholders can only hope that no near-death experience will be needed to make them see this new reality.


myprerogative said…
I have to agree on the general consensus that Microsoft cracked a real good deal here! 12% is quite a lot based on volumes that Yahoo get...! We'll see soon enough what sorta challenge they mount on Google,
Tyrell said…
Yes. Seemingly, the only winner here is Microsoft. It would indeed be interesting to see how the two horse race for search will progress.

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