Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WSO2 Mashup Server at Mashup Australia

Mashup Australia is an initiative by the Australian government to open up public data for broader consumption. It's similar to what they've done in Washington, but closer to home. So I decided to submit an entry on behalf of the WSO2 Mashup Server team.

The Mashup;
  1. Uses data provided by the Australian government (an Excel spreadsheet) regarding the country’s mines and exposes them as a Data Service (using WSO2 Data Services)
  2. The Mashup consumes this Data Service (just another SOAP Web Service), processes the data and publishes in a format easily palatable by the client side Javascript
  3. On the client side with Google Maps the data is displayed according to the geographical location of the Mines. Using the filters available, the Mines can be pin pointed based on the type of mineral(s) they harvest.
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