Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing WSO2 Gadget Server

Today we officially launched the WSO2 Gadget Server. Paul posted his thoughts on this new Apache Licensed product a few days back.
"Portals have become the main tool for pulling together the vital information your users need - whether its company information, executive dashboards or technical status updates. The WSO2 Gadget Server is a new kind of portal that is simpler and more effective. Based on HTML and Javascript, a Gadget is the web-based equivalent of a portlet. Hundreds of gadgets are already freely available because of iGoogle, the personalized homepage for Google, which uses the same Gadget specification. The WSO2 Gadget Server brings Gadget technology into the Enterprise - making it easy for your team to build stunningly effective portals in record time."
Here's a quick introduction to get you started once you have downloaded it.