Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Introducing WSO2 Stratos and Friends

What's Stratos? It's the cloud-native version of WSO2's award winning Carbon Platform. I emphasised cloud-native because there's a difference between that and just deploying a web application to a service like Amazon EC2. Cloud-native implies five things ...
  1. Elasticity: Stratos manages your underlying cloud infrastructure to seamlessly handle the scalability demands of your application.
  2. Multi-tenancy: Departments, developer groups, or projects run fully independently, but share the same middleware platform for maximum resource utilization.
  3. Billing and Metering: Each tenant can meter their actual resource use for internal billing purposes.
  4. Self Provisioning: Authorized users can provision new tenants from a web portal in moments.
  5. Dynamic Discovery: Linking up services that reside in a dynamic and elastic environment can be tricky but Stratos simplifies and automates this process with standards-based service
    discovery and automatic configuration capabilities.
  6. Incremental Testing: Cloud fundamentally changes the way you test and deploy applications, but doesn't reduce your quality requirements! Stratos allows you to deploy service versions side by side and carefully dial up the traffic sent to each version.
With this initial release of Stratos, we have WSO2 Mashup Server, WSO2 Gadget Server, WSO2 Application Server, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2 Identity and WSO2 BAM as cloud-native instances running together seamlessly integrated. An organisation can create a tenant, activate the applications of choice and be immediately on their way.

We will be adding WSO2 ESB and other products to Stratos in the coming days. So stay tuned :)