It's been a while ...

... since I wrote something here. Quite a few things happened since my last post, that kept me away from writing. First, I sat for my final MBA semester exam last October (phew.. and got through with a ... wait for it ... 'Merit'). Immediately after that, I decided to migrate down under (that's Australia, in case you wonder).

So I resigned from my duties as Technical Lead & Product Manager @WSO2 and, by the end of last November, arrived in Melbourne. A new country, meeting new people, making new friends and ... after a few months' vacation enjoying the Melbourne summer, accepted an offer from Shine Technologies in March.

That's a quick 411 of things that kept me away from writing from the last post till now. What's keeping me busy these days are (a lot of) Node.js and Express along with good old CouchDB. All very RESTy and awesome.

Now... if only I can get back into the habit of writing actual posts instead of tweeting links from my phone......

UPDATE: Blogger decided to die the very day I posted this and forgot to restore a few comments added to the post. Just saying... that it wasn't me. If you wanna do a driveby target blogger.. aight?


nuwan said…
Was wondering when ur gona write again :D welcome
Tyrell said…
Yeah. I'll write about some Node.js, Couch and other RESTy stuff I've been working on soon :)
It's really great to hear from you after a long time. Hope you are doing great.

Greetings from Sri Lanka.

Kathiravelu Pradeeban

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