The Biz School Chronicles

.. would be the name of a new segment I'm adding to this blog from today.

When I graduated from the London Met' back in 2002, I promised myself I'll hang around in the industry long enough before deciding whether to pursue an MSc or an MBA. As it turned out this was a pretty good resolution on my part, since the past six years gave me a chance to work in some of the best software companies in Sri Lanka (among which is the first NASDAQ company in Sri Lankan history VRTU, where I worked for the most part).

Now, older and (hopefully) wiser, I made my choice and it is the MBA. This is simply because my industry (and most of you know how passionate I am when it comes to it) can use a few MBAs who've been in the trenches with scars to prove, than either MBAs with a 100% business background or Techies who 'think' they know business (unfortunately neither Google nor Wikipedia can tell us how to run a business my beloved bretheren).

So I'm back at school, as a part-time student and full-time software engineer (which is exactly the way I wanted it). Today was my first day and I'm already seeing return on investment (my hard earned money this time not my Father's, unlike 6 years ago. I love you amma and thaththa).

The Biz School Chronicles, will contain a little snippet of something I've learnt this week and how I think it matters. As always I'll keep it short and continue updates till I finish school (somewhere in the next two years).

The first snippet will arrive shortly ...


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