Saturday, November 01, 2008

SOA and Dashboards

From the article ...

Situational awareness, thanks to SOA-driven dashboard | Service-Oriented Architecture |
Roy Schulte, vice president of Gartner, is quoted as observing that the executive dashboard may be among the keys to bridging SOA and Business Process Management. “Business users may not understand SOA, BPM, CEP or XTP [eXtreme Transaction Processing], but they know what they want to see on their dashboard and they may be willing to fund back end architecture and development projects to get more information faster.”
That's why we decided to integrate a Dashboard component in our Mashup Server since version 1.5 months back. I briefly blogged about how we are using it internally to power our dashboards.

We also made sure that we use open standards such as the Gadget Specification by Google (used in iGoogle) in our Dashboard, which means that gadgets made in our Mashup Server will run on other Dashboards following the same specification (iGoogle for instance).

For those interested, my introductory article on converting your Mashup Server to a personalized dashboard for users might be helpful.