How to Automatically Tweet Your Blog Posts

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your OpenID. This is your blog's URL if you're a Blogger user.
  • Fill in the details and tweak the way you want your blog post to appear on Twitter

The next time you post something to your blog, it will be converted to a Tweet (along with a TinyURLed) link to the post.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info bro.
Ashutosh said…
Hey... nice post...

I am looking for something that can do the reverse. As in post all tweets as a blog post on blogger.

Any suggestions ?
Tyrell said…
I haven't come across a service, which does this yet. but if you would like to write some simple code, you can create a Mashup, that subscribes to your Twitter RSS Feed and then post Tweets to your blog.

This might help
johnalexwood said…

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