Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Mashup Platform can be the icing on your SOA

Enterprise Mashups - The Icing on your SOA
"I can now present various data services in a secured and governed
fashion to my customers and partners without being concerned on how
they want to consume it. Whether they want the mashup on their own
intranet, as a desktop gadget, as an application on Facebook, or what
ever they dream of, all I need to be concerned with is the SLA of my
data services. This also makes my product offering more competitive than my
competitors who have proprietary user interfaces that do not provide
the flexibility and customization that the customers desire."
In his latest post, Mike Kavis talks about how an enterprise with an existing SOA can capitalize on their investment, by encouraging users to reuse existing services via the addition of a Mashup Platform as a layer on top. Interesting read.