Monday, December 22, 2008

Balancing Repeatability and Situationality with Process Mashups

An Interesting post I read today on balancing issues faced by early adaptors of Enterprise Mashups. Starting from empowering users and thereby losing the monopoly if IT as the primary enterprise application creator to differentiating between Process Mashups and Data Mashups, the post provides some good viewpoints.

"At the center of the perfect storm of Service-Oriented Architecture
(SOA), Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA), and the business-centric take
on Web 2.0 we call Enterprise 2.0 is the notion of the enterprise mashup.
Loosely defined as governed, managed compositions of Services in the
context of a rich, Internet-based user interface environment,
enterprise mashups have become a key driver for SOA initiatives, even
though such applications as yet have relatively limited use in the