Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pirates discover Mashups

Firefox Pirates Take Over Amazon | TorrentFreak
"An add-on for the Firefox browser called ‘Pirates of the Amazon’ makes it possible to shop at the Amazon store but leave without paying a dime. Instead, on Amazon product pages the add-on integrates links to ‘free’ copies on The Pirate Bay."
If you thought that was awesome, there's more ..
"‘Pirates of the Amazon’ is not the only pirate add-on for Firefox, in fact there are quite a few. IMDB,, and Rotten Tomatoes all have their own pirate skin available. Most of them use the Greasemonkey add-on which allows the installation of all kinds of useful user scripts which customize the web to your pirate needs."

RIAA: "They're in our internets with their firefoxes downloading our moosic... for free! They.. took.. our.. jerbs!"