Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WSO2 Carbon. What's in it for you?

Here's a short and sweet version. "WSO2 Carbon will be for SOA what Eclipse is for IDEs".

In the Pre Carbon Era
  • I want SOA for my Enterprise
  • I download an application server, deploy some services
  • I find that certain legacy apps do not play nice with these new services. I need some sort of mediation. So, now I download an ESB, RTFM, install, configure and get my services to play together
  • After some time as my SOA really kicks off, I find it necessary to have some kind of governance, which leads me to download yet another piece of software and repeat the cycle of RTFM, installation and configuration
From today onwards, we live in a Post Carbon World. Things will be different from now on ...
  • I want SOA for my Enterprise
  • I download an application server (and this is where the similarity ends)
  • When I neeed and ESB, instead of the vicious cycle before, I download just a few components and plug them into my already functioning application server and voila! I have my ESB
  • Governance? No problem. Get the governance components and plug them in!
The beauty of this is that you create your own middleware solution exactly like you would build your Eclipse workbench, with just the right set of plugins. For the record, both WSO2 Carbon and Eclipse are based on the OSGi architecture, which enables this componetization.

Stay tuned for Mashup and Data Services components as well.