Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More

Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More - Money and Politics Blog - CNBC.com
Essentially, the Obama economic policies represent a major Democratic party relapse into Great Society social spending and taxing. It is a return to the LBJ/Nixon era, and a move away from the Reagan/Clinton period. House Republicans, fortunately, are 90 days sober, as they are putting up a valiant fight to stop the big-government onslaught and move the GOP back to first principles.

Noteworthy up here on Wall Street, a great many Obama supporters — especially hedge-fund types who voted for “change” — are becoming disillusioned with the performances of Obama and Treasury man Geithner.

There is a growing sense of buyer’s remorse.

Is this the dawn of a Socialist America? Yikes!! (For the lack of a better word). That being said, "growing sense of buyer’s remorse"?? What! just after one month? That's a naive attitude, don't you think?

Update: So I went through the entire State of the Union Speech on YouTube (7 parts) to take a first hand look and must say (as I suspected), this is indeed an overreaction. HBRs Umair Haque seems to share the same sentiment and has pointed to his Smart Growth Manifesto while doing so, with some good points.


Jonathan Marsh said…
IMO the "buyer's remorse" is a Republican talking point, nothing more. There is at least as much dissatisfaction with the slowness of change as there is in it's current direction. Lately CNN appears to be promoting this wild-eyed raving as a cheap substitute for real journalism.

It's also laughable that Republicans after the last 8 years should pretend to have any credibility with either fiscal discipline or a better clue about the psuedo-science of economics than Obama.

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