Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit Blog: Release Candidate now available: the Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit
The project is a collection of libraries that provide Java language bindings and API specific plumbing for some Google JavaScript APIs. The goal is to make it easy for developers to use these JavaScript APIs with GWT. Libraries available at this time include a new version of Gears, as well as new libraries for Gadgets and the Google AJAX Search API.

Ever since the term AJAX was coined by Mr. Garret in 2005 and the group of technologies under the umbrella of AJAX appeared on the developer radar, I have worked with numerous so called AJAX Toolkits. GWT was one of the first and I was impressed with it then as I am now. They still have my tutorial on their Wiki. One of the first apart from the standard Getting Started documentation.

Since then I have seen quite a few toolkits chosen over GWT only to crash n' burn when battle tested. The very first prototype I did using GWT was for a large European Telco. It was a graphical, web based tool to model Web Services Orchestration.

The client was impressed and the tool is 'still' in use and evolving. As a matter of fact, I have seen them (them as in the architects from the client and the company I was working for) present it in a few SOA conferences. It just can't get any better than that.

Here's a final question for those who talk crap about GWT (of late, I have come across a few). How many applications have you written with it? I have 'actually' written code with GWT, YUI, DoJo and Prototype. So when I say one toolkit is better than the other it's not just 'talk' bitch.. I have scars to prove it ...