Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mozilla Ubiquity for Firefox :: The latest Mashup Platform ?

Ubiquity comes as an Add-on for Firefox and is still at prototype stage.

It looks like they are turning the browser into a Mashup platform. This is cutting edge stuff. To be able to e-mail a friend about a cool restaurant and just highlighting the address and asking the browser to include a Google Map. Then going ahead and asking to find a review for the restaurant and include that too. Impressive and end user friendly. Especially friendly for non-programmers.

It also looks like they have come up with a language to write new browser 'commands' and a mechanism to subscribe to new commands developed and shared by others. Just like the current 'extensions' we see in Firefox. So if you ARE a programmer, you get to play with it too.

Here's a tutorial to get things started ...