Friday, August 29, 2008

Mob Wars: Showing your employer how money is made, gangsta style

Mob Wars, the million-dollar-a-month independent Facebook app, may legally belong to SGN » VentureBeat
the entrepreneur, whose popular game is one of the most lucrative apps on Facebook, both developed and released Mob Wars while still employed at Freewebs, the company that later evolved into Social Gaming Network (SGN). By the time Maestri left the company around the middle of February, the game was already a hit.

Wow.. you've got to give credit to this guy.

1. Develop a Mob game while working for gaming company
2. Release it to Facebook and give your employer the boot
3. ???
4. Profit (apparently $1 million a month)

That's straight-up gangsta! I bet he did the rounds while at SGN trying to push Mob Wars to his bosses.