When 'Free' just isn't enough ...

Free Isn't Enough | OStatic
The upshot of this is this: If open source projects and companies want to succeed, ultimately, they have to play the same game as the "big guys," which means going toe-to-toe with PR and marketing. Whether it's paid PR pros taking the lead, or contributors wearing the PR hat, someone has to speak for the FOSS projects or they'll be ignored. Free isn't enough.


Unknown said…
I see no big issue in that. Open Source is a way of doing things,... especially software development. When a company is both Open Source and Commercial it can still keep it's benefits and goodness and yet be successful. I believe that's a way to look at Open Source business models.

As for me (personally), it's not just about monetary success. It's about driving the technology without prejudice instead of holding it down. For me it's about doing what it good (& profitable) instead of forgetting roots because it's proven and easy.

Interesting blog, keep it up. :)
chanux said…
Free is more than enough. I'm not talking about money. The freedom comes with free software is enough for me.

If someone really want to know how PR happen on FOSS - Public drives it. FOSS is directly RELATED to PUBLIC.

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