It's release time @ WSO2

Last week, WSO2 released the .next versions of some of our key products (all free and Open Source under Apache 2.0). WSAS and ESB are two of them. In my view, our Registry solution is the one that went through a metamorphosis. Not only did we re-brand the product as WSO2 Governance Registry (G-Reg for short), but we also managed to deliver technically.

Building and evolving a product family is similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. You start with the most obvious pieces and incrementally go towards the end goal. Sometimes, you find out that your assumptions while putting together some pieces were wrong. Then you have to re-visit that part of the puzzle and sort it out. The Registry vs Governance debate was one such instance where we saw that these, practically, should be a single solution. Today we have the WSO2 Governance Registry, a product that helps users not only to store things, but also to govern their SOA.

As I said, the puzzle is yet to be completed and we are in the process of putting together pieces for another area, Monitoring. In this release of G-Reg, we made a step towards solving that part of the puzzle by including our BAM and Dashboard components. By September this year, we are hoping to finish this part too by adding two more offerings to our product family. So download and see our work. Did we pick the correct pieces? Are we missing any? Do tell ... Our forums and mailing lists await your input.


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