Monday, January 12, 2009

And if this truth hasn't been told already ...

"These Are some serious times
 All I can see round natty is violence and crime
 Full time for Rass to centralize socialize and realize
 To let the sun shine through out every day
 And let the moon shine through out the peaceful nites
 This is 7 times rise and 7 times fall but i dont really believe in the falling tings at all
 Cause life continues as it goes if u really want to no the true of the true isnt been told
 No no no no no"

 "To sometime u think peace in every ting
 It could b the first sign of distruction
 Say i wake up this morning for that i give thanks u dont no if u gonna live to c tomorow
 Life is much more precious than gold
 yeah yeah
 And if the truth hasn't been told
 So i say ... "

My Translation:

We live in troubled times,
All I see around is violence and crime
It's high time we come together as a society and realize
That we need to let the sun shine everyday
And let the moon shine in peaceful nights
Instead of rising 7 times a week just to fail 7 times, but I don't believe in failing
Because otherwise, life as it is will continue, even though we yearn the truth and it's not being told
Enough is enough.

Often they talk about peace being everything
Yet sometimes it can also be the first sign of destruction
I woke up this morning, for that I'm thankful. Nobody knows whether one will live to see tomorrow
Life is much more precious than gold (or oil, or land or any other bloody reason we kill each other for)
And if this truth hasn't been told already ...
I will tell it

Dedicated to the people of Sri Lanka, our brethren in Gaza and all God's children suffering from war!