Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Toyota, how I admire thee

.. the way you manage and lead at the same time!

Toyota managers to buy cars in slump -
A group of 2,200 Toyota managers have decided to buy the company's cars in an effort to help the Japanese auto giant withstand the global economic crisis, a company spokesman said on Wednesday.

This is impressive, to say the least. As many times before, this too will go down in history and students of business will study it in years to come. The power of nurturing employees to think of the big picture than just themselves, their security and status is amazing. I always admired Japan and her children. Successful and powerful yet civilized unlike many others. Developed not just in the external, material aspects but inside as human beings.

They also remember their past. Not merely to learn from their mistakes, but also to keep in mind those who helped them when they were down. I'm sure JR would never have imagined the way they would repay the act of kindness we extended to them at the San Fransisco Conference in 1945, when the whole western world and its allies were after their blood, representing a tiny island nation, he said No! Hate can't cure hate only love and compassion can.

Even though generations in Sri Lanka since seem to have forgotten those words, some of us do and we also know you are a true friend. I hope one day we will get to be successful exactly the way you are, materially while retaining the good qualities we have even today.

One nation.. one anthem.. one love!