Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's CTO choice may usher in mashup era

Obama's CTO choice may usher in mashup era - Computerworld Blogs
"Using information technology to enable data access can unleash creativity and ideas that can provide government and citizens with new insights. The benefits flow both ways. As Kundra wrote recently on his blog: The District of Columbia is bringing people closer to government through collaborative technologies like wikis, data feeds, videos and dashboards. We’re throwing open DC’s warehouse of public data so that everyone—constituents, policymakers, and businesses—can meet in a new digital public square."

Make sure you visit Washington DC's Data Catalogue to have a look at all the data available in various forms from Atom feeds to Google Earth meta-data files. Last year, they have held a contest where people could use data from this catalogue, create mashups and submit their cool applications. These mashups are in a directory named Apps for Democracy.

Hmm.. time to have a long look at this data catalogue and write a mashup using the wso2 mashup server. So many mashable data sources... so little time!