Monday, October 20, 2008

The Biz School Chronicles - Weeks 03 and 04

Both weeks were dominated by Business Communication lectures. This was due to Statistics and Accounting lecturers being out of country. I enjoy BC lectures mostly thanks to the interactivity and interesting discussions that come up during group presentation etc.

The Johari Window is something we discussed out of syllabus, yet can come handy when understanding your team members and yourself. Something I always found useful before learning this is Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which I learnt as an undergraduate. The Johari Window is a bit complex comparatively and usually requires information from many people to complete, whereas Maslow's Hierachy is pretty simple.

When reading up on this, I found that while a Johari Wondow concentrated on positive personality traits, a A Nohari window is the inversion of the Johari window, and is a collection of negative personality traits instead of positive.

I also cam across this cool online tool that helps one to create a Johari Window for himself.