Sidekicks for your mashup quests ...

Channa's Blog: How to write Mashups
"The Quick Start Guide assumes that the reader just knows he or she wants to create a Mashup and maybe something about JavaScript; nothing much else."
That pretty much sums it up. But I would like to add some more. Channa introduces you to some of the cool tools we've been working on.
  • The Mashup Editor with a skeleton code generator, gives you a running 'Hello World' mashup in just seconds, with a UI AND a Google Gadget
  • The Javascript Stub Generator allows you to create a stub (or wrapper) to any external SOAP Web Service, which you can 'include' in your mashup and use
  • The Scraping Assistant will help you generate XML instructions to scrape web pages
Take these tools for a spin and suggest improvements you would like to see in them. If you run into problems get help form the developers and users who already use these tools.


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