How to run a Southwest Airlines Auto Checkin Mashup from your computer

If you are a regular reader, you would know about the Southwest auto check-in mashup and how Southwest decided to use a 'cease and desist' type threat to get it out of circulation. The threat worked, mainly because WSO2 is a reputed company and they were running the mashup as a 'demo'. Not to make money from it.

But I say they can't prevent people running it from their personal computers. Here's a little how-to.
  • Download the Free and Open Source WSO2 Mashup Server (A Windows installer and a .zip file are available. It's a Java program so you need a Java version 1.5 or higher installed too)
  • Install it and run the server as described in the user guide
  • Goto https://localhost:7443/ and give a username for the admin user
  • Download the Southwest Auto Check-in Mashup and extract the zip
  • You will have 2 .js files (alertme.js and southwestAutoCheckin.js) and a folder named southwestAutoCheckin.resources
  • Copy those files and folder to [your-mashup-server-installation-directory]/scripts/[your-username] folder
  • Within a few seconds, the Mashup will be deployed and ready
  • Now go to http://localhost:7762/services/samples/alertme?tryit and select an alerting method (Twitter is the easiest)
  • Finally go to http://localhost:7762/services/samples/southwestAutoCheckin?tryit and you can track a flight and let the mashup take care of the rest. It will alert you what's going on.

"This mashup automatically checks you in online within 5 minutes of the opening of checking in. You still need to print your boarding pass, which is generally easily done at an airport kiosk"

Enjoy !!


JDE said…
This is awesome. Thanks for posting. I have one question for you. I have followed your steps for installing and "alertme" is running fine. I have the page open you've shown above to "trackflight". Sadly I get the message "Fault: Cannot parse date: ..." no matter what syntax I've used.

I've been quite creative and even referred to the RFC 922 standard. Can you help?
moose said…
Can't seem to find the southwestAutoCheckin.js file on the web. Seems that it has been pulled. I've got the mashup server and alertme.js but need the southwestautocheckin.js file to make it work for personal use.
Tyrell said…
I added the file again. But some have complained that it's not working any more. Southwest might have upgraded from their side to prevent the mashup from working.

If you get it to work, please share.
Shellie said…
Yes Southwest have upgraded from their side to prevent the mashup from working. we have to wait for the Fluggesellschaften Check-in.

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