Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RESTful PHP Web Services

RESTful PHP Web Services is a new book from Samisa explaining,
  • Basic concepts of REST architecture
  • Consuming public REST-style services from your PHP applications
  • Consuming RESTful web services, such as those from leading APIs such as Flickr, and Yahoo Web Search
  • Making your own PHP applications accessible to other applications through a RESTful API
  • REST support in the popular Zend framework
  • Debugging RESTful services and clients
  • A case study of designing a RESTful PHP service from the ground up, and designing clients to consume the service
"This book targets PHP developers who want to build or make use of
RESTful web services, or explore the options available to them in PHP.
You will need to know the basics of PHP development, but no knowledge
of REST is assumed, nor any knowledge of creating web services

Samisa is the chief architect behind Apache Axis2/C Web Services engine and used to lead WSO2's web services framework for PHP before taking up his new role as our Director Engineering.