DaaS is a challenge? Not anymore!

AJAX in the Cloud: Save Your Company a Bundle with Your RIA Strategy!
"AJAX apps need to talk to an intermediate server that acts as a proxy between the web client and the database. This means that the AJAX developer has to develop lots of server-side code that coordinates between the proxy and the database. In addition to requiring precious development cycles, the proxy is a performance bottleneck."
I have to respectfully disagree. If you use a solution such as WSO2 Data Services (Apache 2.0 licensed, Free and Open Source software), you would save a lot of trouble. It's just a matter of writing the correct SQL or Stored Procedure and the Data Services solution will expose your result set as a service. In addition, you can configure security and other QoS parameters for your data service.

Bottom line? No server side code, absolute minimum number of development cycles and reduced worry on performance issues (since the solution is tuned by its developers).


Anonymous said…
What do you reckon to these services?

And what about the possibility of hosting your own data in this way?
Tyrell said…
With a Data Services solution as the one I highlighted, you very well can.

It's just a matter of creating the right SQL query (or stored procedure) and deciding the XML output format of your web service.

This service will be a SOAP web service. If you want, you can make it RESTful as well.

Once you have the service running, you can go ahead and configure other aspects like security (authentication) etc.

Don't just take my word for it, take it for a spin. It's Apache licensed Open Source software :)

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